Is there a better time than now to spread happiness, to bring some humor to those we care about? Is there a better gift than laughter?

Happy Raku Fish give all that.  Believe it or not, after 35 years of creating them, these little guys can still cause us to break into spontaneous laughter when we catch one grinning at us as we work in our studio.

But most importantly, these fish make their “adopters” happy. These goofy little guys become friends to their owners. They receive pet names. The stories we’ve heard over the years are beautiful, hilarious, and always heartwarming. We don’t forget the adult granddaughter who gave her lonely grandmother a sitting fish that became the elderly lady’s best friend in the last year of her life. We remember with fondness the brilliant yet difficult kindergartner who asked for a fish buddy to hang over the foot of his bed.

The stories are endless. Snorkelers collect them. Those who fish ask for them. Aquarium lovers want schools of them. Collectors have told us they create themes around them. Most wonderful of all— our customers want to purchase our fish because they make them laugh.

Humor is a wonderful gift. Each raku-fired fish is unique (completely made with lumps of raw clay in our hands) and you can personalize your gift by facial expression, size, and glaze dot color. You can choose a fish gift from our group of characters or you might like to make your gift a surprise when you select a Catch of the Day.

The world is a serious place. This is the perfect time to surprise friends and family with the gift of full-on smiles and bursts of unexpected laughter. Meet the Fish!

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