Nina’s raku-fired fish are individually handmade and fired. She often does not have the perfect fish in her inventory at the time of your order. It takes one to two weeks to complete orders, depending on where Nina is in a fish-making cycle.

If you must have your fish shipped immediately or can’t decide on the perfect “personality,” let Nina surprise you with a favorite in her inventory.

This is a great idea when you need a last-minute gift or perhaps want to be dazzled and awed when your package arrives. Your only decision will be deciding on a sitting or hanging fish. Nina will take care of the rest and immediately have your special fish on its way to you.

Examples of colors and styles

Approximate small size with fins Length: 3-4 inches / Width: 2-2.5 inches / Height: 3-4 inches.

Approximate large size with fins Length: 6-7 inches / Width: 3-4 inches / Height: 6-7 inches